Bibiyan Family Philanthropic Foundation

Bibiyan Family Philanthropic Foundation: A Charitable Organization

BFPF Awards

The BFPF Award for Social Good will be awarded annually to Social Media and High Tech companies that manage to leverage the social web and new media to effectively bringbibiyan about meaningful change via charitable causes or other non-profit means.

  • 2011 BFPF Winner: Ben & Jerry’s
  • 2012 BFPF Winner: FairShareMusic
  • 2013 BFPF Winner: give2gether
  • 2014 BFPF Winner: IBM
  • 2015 BFPF Winner: USAID
  • 2016 BFPF Winner: Facebook
  • 2017 BFPF Winner: Lyft
  • 2018 BFPF Winner: Fidelity Charitable
  • 2019 BFPF Winner:

Companies looking for consideration should reach out using our simple contact form and tell us why they think they should be selected.

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