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Bibiyan Family Philanthropic Foundation Selects give2gether As Winner For Annual Award

Now in its third year, the Bibiyan Family Philanthropic Foundation is proud to announce it has selected social fundraising company give2gether as the winner for its annual BFPF Award for Social Good. Says Thomas Bibiyan “The way give2gether manages to deliver so much value to its visitors is really quite astonishing, I think more sites could take a page out of their playbook.”

The BFPF Award for Social Good is awarded annually to Social Media and High Tech companies that manage to leverage the social web and new media to effectively bring about meaningful change via charitable causes or other non-profit means.

Below please find a list of core values that are inherently significant to the foundation and its goals going forward.

  • Innovation; We want to reward contemporary, high tech companies that use creative and innovative means to address social problems. We intend on giving out grants, awards, and additional accolades to companies or groups that fit.
  • Humanity; The foundation intends on supporting the most essential of humanitarian causes and organizations.
  • Spirituality; The need for spirituality in our society has never been greater. From all walks of spiritual and religious life, BFPF will continue to support causes rooted in helping the community reach its full spiritual potential.
  • Liberty & Democracy; To support political movements that dictate liberty, democracy, and fairness for all members of society has become a pivotal point for BFPF and will no doubt continue in the future.

About give2gether

give2gether streamlines social fundraising, substantially improving donor participation rates, and the total amount of money raised. At give2gether, we aim to improve people’s lives: those who receive, those who give and those who inspire their community to open their hearts for a cause.

About The Bibiyan Family Philanthropic Foundation

Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the Bibiyan Family Philanthropic Foundation works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives. To visit the BFPF website please click here.

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